Importance of Employee Retention

November 13th, 2014

A lot of people love what they do. There are a lot of reasons why they love their job: perhaps it’s the co-workers, atmosphere… maybe their boss. How can employers make them stay? To ensure the success of an organization, a business must keep its staff loyal and motivated. Growth opportunities, exciting job description, learning and progress are all desirable reasons – they all contribute in making the lives of their employees better.

How is employee retention important?

Helps Employee-Employer Connection

employee retentionHaving a high employee turnover will increase the company expenses and will have a negative impact on the company’s morale. When employee retention strategies are implemented, it will make sure that key staff will stay employed, and at the same time maintain their job performance and productivity.

Companies implement strategies to retain employees so they can manage the employees’ turnover rate. This will also help attract quality employees into their line of work. Retention strategies also focus on the connection between the employees and the management. Benefits, competitive pay, employee assistance programs and employee recognition are all included with a company’s effort to ensure satisfaction of their employees. Human resource staff uses the feedback they gathered from focus group discussions and exit interviews to improve relations with employees and reduce attrition and turnovers.

Helps Boost the Company

Companies can notably gain from employee retention strategies because it affects an employer’s bottom line directly. It’s very expensive for businesses to experience high turnover rates.

When an employee and a company go on separate ways, the employee takes with him valuable knowledge about our organization, your clients, the previous and present projects and the history. Companies spend money and time and treat an employee as an investment, hence when the said employee leaves, the company doesn’t get back its investment.

Studies show that costs for replacing employees can be as much as spending half of an employee’s yearly pay – this cost could have been spent for other more important projects that everybody could benefit from. Retaining employees could also lessen indirect costs such as lost clients and reduced productivity.

Helps Improve Productivity

Retaining employees also help boost an organization’s productivity. Hiring and honing new employees is tedious. A vacant position means there’s work that’s left undone. After the position is filled, there’s still a learning curve that the new employee must overcome before s/he becomes used to it and becomes profitable. On the other hand, if you take steps to ensure your employees happy and satisfied, then no productivity is sacrificed.

Makes a Company Better

When do strategies for employee retention start? This usually happens during the recruitment process. Employees tend to join a company who fulfills its promises when their tenure is extended. Companies that give a realistic view of the promotion opportunities, job expectations and corporate environment can positively influence the chances of employees to stay.

Employees who are happy with what they’re doing tend to stay with their company. More so if they are comfortable with the environment that they work in. These factors play a major part not only in creating a positive work atmosphere but also in making an employee’s commitment to his job stronger.

Clients and customers, on the other hand, conduct business with a certain company partly because of the people. There are developed relationships that encourage these clients to continue their support of the business. When an employee leaves, these relationships get severed which might trigger a customer loss.

Employee retention strategies that focus on employee engagement such as community involvement and team building all increase company morale, and give employees feelings of satisfaction in what they do. A happy employee is a productive and effective employee, hence an employee that is worth keeping.

How to Choose the Right Golf Club

October 28th, 2014

Choosing a golf club when you’re a beginner will be a very hard task, but luckily, there are ways to know which golf club will suit you. From choosing what kind of golf club you want to picking the right weight, these things are important in the quest to pick the golfer’s weapon. Golf club manufacturers, such as Callaway Golf, would often categorize their clubs based on the design and kind, making it easier for golfers to take a look at all of the items on the list.

Skilled golfers will have no difficulty in choosing the golf club that is best for them, because they know what they need. But if you’re a beginner, then you are still at square one – you have to know what level you are in before you go out and buy clubs that might not be suitable for you.

Here’s a small guide to help you determine your skill level as a golfer:

• Low (0-5) Handicap – you know the rules and you hit the ball with the club face’s center. You understand the right way to swing your golf club.

• Mid Low (5-15) Handicap – you play golf during your spare time and you can hit the ball well, but there are some misses, and that’s okay.

• High Mid (15-25) Handicap – you play golf recreationally in the company of some friends, but this time around, you are in need of clubs that offer a lot of forgiveness.

• High (25+) Handicap – even if you are still new to the game, you are now in need of golf clubs that offer more forgiveness than your usual beginner’s golfing clubs. Lightweight golf clubs ensure higher ball lift, so you can opt to get those kinds of clubs instead.

Now that you know your skill level, scout for clubs that will fit into that level. Golf club manufacturers, like Callaway Golf, categorize their clubs by kind, to make it easier for golfers to look for clubs that will suit their preferences. For beginners, a hybrid type or a club that has a large back cavity is much more preferred, since it offers a lot of forgiveness. It’s best to take a look at the specifications of the golf club before speculating whether or not a hybrid is the best for you. Clubs, such as those from Callaway Golf, come with different features. Some hybrid specifications that you can choose from are as follows:

Callaway Golf• Some hybrids are optimized for higher ball speeds and great distances, making them perfect for beginners. With their thinner and more robust design, they offer increased accuracy and better play. As the launch angle increases, these speed-distance hybrids help the golfer gain more control over the ball.

• Hybrids with a hollow body design increases forgiveness. The traditional shape of some hybrids adds confidence with every shot. The sole weighting lowers the center of gravity so the ball launches easily, giving these hybrids a lot of forgiveness.

If you’re much more confident to try out clubs other than hybrids, you can go for other clubs such as iron and combo sets, wedges, fairway woods, or drivers. Just look at the specifications of those clubs and compare them with your needs. The websites of golfing equipment manufacturers, such as that of Callaway Golf, have organized drop-down menus featuring all sorts of clubs, allowing golfers to browse through the clubs and find the perfect one with ease.

Once you have found some clubs, it’s best to try them out on the field so you know how forgiving they are and how light they feel on your hands. Testing the golf clubs will also determine if the clubs you’ve chosen really do fit your skill level. At the end of the day, the one who will determine the club you’ll play with is you, yourself. If you’re already comfortable with a certain golf club, go and choose that one instead, and enjoy your game.

Aspects to Consider When Adding a Chat Service to Your Company’s Website

October 20th, 2014

Putting up a chat service to improve one’s customer service is indeed a big step. Prior to doing so, there are some things one must consider as there are many details that need to be addressed. One important matter needing consideration is the business’ needs. Before plainly deciding to add a chat service and just randomly choosing any platform, it is important to first oversee where the company needs improvement and what it lacks. Some basic needs of companies include establishing a reliable base for easy contact with clients and expanding the company’s scope to possibly cover the range of international marketing. The first step is always to ask whether the proposed plan will help the company reach its goals.

Upon coming up with the decision to push through with setting up a chat service, the next crucial step is selecting a software. Some things in need of consideration when choosing a platform include the budget allotted for the software, the level of customization allowed and the amount of support needed. It is important to examine every detail such as the software’s information security features, reporting abilities, history of activity and live chat transcripts. It would be beneficial for clients to choose software solutions that are user-friendly to enable easy navigation, thus providing client satisfaction. It is also crucial to make sure that the software chosen will allow customization of chat that is in line with the company’s brand.

chat serviceThe next step would be hiring people fit for the job and giving them proper training. Ideal chat agents are proficient in typing, friendly, accommodating and dedicated to their work. These agents should agree upon being trained on information about the company, its products, certain procedures and be able to persuade customers in availing their services or purchasing the company’s products without being pushy. Determining the number of agents needed for a chat service can be quite tricky since one cannot accurately gauge the flow of customer inquiries in a given time. It would be advisable to choose a safe number of agents so as not to have them slack off because of overstaffing and also to avoid prolonging the response time to clients when understaffed. They should be willing to go on shifting schedules as some clients would be online with inquiries even at wee hours of the night.

Another important aspect to consider is the chat software’s design. Appearance is an important aspect that should not be overlooked. First impressions are important as they can be determinants of whether or not people find the company and its services appealing. In choosing a design, it would be best to include the company’s logo in the chat window to give people a clear image of a symbol easily associated with the company. Do not attempt to make the chat window too bold, to the point that it would seem to interfere with the customer’s overall encounter of the site. Make sure it appears as striking but not aggravating. The chat window should be inviting and at the same time convenient to use.

Lastly, upon adding a chat service to one’s company website, means for reference and improvement should be made. Consider building a knowledge base or a virtual manual which include frequently asked questions and past conversations that could be made as reference for the agent’s future use. Doing so would increase the chance of providing better service and increasing the client’s satisfaction. This would also lessen conflicts and other problems possible encountered by agents when chatting online.

Adding a chat service to any website could be challenging. Keeping in mind these suggestions would be helpful when used as a guide. Consider these facets to provide one’s company with the best chat support service there is.

Using an SEO Company to Write Themed SEO Articles

September 30th, 2014

One of the most common questions asked when talking to new website owners is ‘why should I hire an SEO company?’. There are plenty of reasons why hiring one of these companies would be beneficial for your company, but we are going to focus on one of the main things an SEO company can bring to the table: writing themed SEO articles.

What is a themed article? Essentially, instead of focusing on including a specific keyword density, a themed article will focus on a myriad of keyword phrases related to the main keyword that you are trying to focus on.

SEOSo, why has the trend all of a sudden shifted away from keyword density articles to themed articles? To uncover that, we need to go into a little history. In the past few years, Google and the other big search engines have been trying to crack down on keyword stuffing. In their attempt to provide the best user experience for their customers, they want to remove all of the bad content from the internet and punish those sites that publish it. As a result, a lot of keyword density articles have been taken away and the trend has moved towards theme articles. This isn’t to say that keyword density articles will not be successful for you (as long as they have a density of between 1-3%), but themed content seems to be providing a bit more of a push in rankings.

You are probably wondering now why themed content works so well? Search engines are merely robots, not people, so as smart as they are, they often times have problems understanding context. If they do not understand the context of your article, you will not get as high of a ranking. Let’s use an example. Let’s say you want to write an article about picking cranberries. When the search engine reads ‘cranberries’, they don’t know if you are talking about the fruit, or the band, The Cranberries. You need to give them context. Some supporting keyphrases that you could include in your article could be picking cranberries, how to properly pick cranberries in a field, how to wash cranberries before eating them, etc. By allowing the search engine to really see what the article is about, you will help yourself to a better search engine ranking.

This brings us back to an original question, ‘why hire an SEO company?’ I think the evidence is pretty clear. Themed content is the way of the future, and an SEO company can bring their expertise and knowledge of Google regulations to the table, and this will benefit you in the long run.